How Wearable Tech is Changing the Way We Sleep

sleep technology

The process of measuring sleep has been incredibly difficult throughout the past medical history. Measuring sleep usually consists of many different complicated processes that all present data that is not as great as scientists hope. A new technology has come out hoping to change just that.

Researchers have recently “developed a method which allowed them to accurately capture sleep, gathering detailed information about human sleep for long periods of time while participants were at home. Not only is this method cheaper and easier for both patients and researchers; it is the first time that it will be possible to objectively measure the realistic sleep habits and sleep quality of large numbers of people.”

According to the report done on this new technology, researcher Till Roenneberg of Ludwig Maximillian University of Munich stated that “there has been practically no possibility of getting detailed sleep structures in a normal life setting over a long period of time. You can’t easily give somebody an EEG to take home and have next to the bed. You can’t do this over six weeks or six months. We are going to see things nobody has seen before.” The new technological breakthrough is a wearable medical device that will track and record certain types of data.

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The device is relatively cheap at under $150, and will be similar to current available trackers for other types of metrics. The device is known as an actimeters, which record certain wrist movements, allowing researchers to know when a patient is awake or asleep. This breakthrough technology is only one amongst a series of recent breakthroughs in the wearable tech industry. The hopes are high that these new developments can continue to provide those who need help with certain ailments, the research that can solve just that.


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