How Wearable Tech is Entering the Dieting Industry

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The wearable tech industry is something that has been able to breach into several other markets. With the medical industry quickly becoming one of the largest demanding industries for this type of tech, breakthroughs are happening on a regular basis. One of the newest markets that the wearable tech industry has been able to enter is the space of dieting.

One of the newest dieting fads, known as the ketogenic diet or keto, is something that essentially binds low card amounts with high fats. This diet has reportedly “made headlines when Gwyneth Paltrow and other celebrities gave it a try. Keto allots a daily carb intake of only 5 percent, a whopping 80 percent from fat, and 15 percent from proteins. The body will supposedly use up the carbs so quickly it will start to break down stored fat for fuel, resulting in weight loss.”

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This dieting industry relies heavily on the tracking of certain foods entering the body along with exercising. With a larger ability to track these different metrics, people who need to lose weight for medical reasons could have an easier time doing so in the near future. Several companies in the space of weight loss and health have begun to develop medical wearable tech devices as well as applications that have the potential to shape and reshape how we do fitness and weight loss.

The industry on wearable medical tech is something that is growing at an extremely quick pace. With more and more investors and companies deciding to invest in the space, new tech is being developed quicker than ever. As new tech is created, and enters the market, more and more individuals will see the benefit that these devices have on their daily lives, and how they can change the way we live for the better.

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