How Wearable Tech is Helping Those With Epilepsy


A new wearable device has come out hoping to change the way that we monitor and treat epilepsy. The device has come from the company known as Empatica, which ran a crowdfunding campaign back in 2014. The company created a device that scans the body for signs of a seizure in those with epilepsy. The campaign wa sable to raise as much as $800,000 by the end of its run, showing how much support a device like this has in the market. The device went on sale after the campaign ended, and then in January of this year, the device was able to receive approval from the FDA, in the field of neurology.

According to the company “Patients wear Embrace around their wrists 24 hours a day. The wearable is linked to a smartphone app (available for Android and iOS) that sends out an alert should the person wearing Embrace go into a seizure. This enables parents and loved ones always to keep tabs on those in their lives who suffer from epilepsy.” The company states that “The technology behind Embrace developed at MIT in 2007 and then went through years-long testing phases at various hospitals. The document Empatica eventually submitted to the FDA was over 1,500 pages long and was filed in mid-2016, so this approval has been a long time coming. Now that Embrace is officially a medical device, it will be easier for lower-income patients to purchase one through insurance providers.”

The goal of the company is to change the way that not only the individual deals with epilepsy, but how medical providers are able to monitor the condition. The hopes are high that this new device will continue to aid in the monitoring and treatment of those who have epilepsy.

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