How Wearable Tech is Helping Those With Limited Mobility

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A new report has come out showing how a wearable device may be able to help those who have limited mobility due to illness or old age. One of the earliest versions of the new technology comes from those Life Alert commercials we’ve all seen. This primitive technology is being updated, and made for the modern age. According to the report “Unaliwear, a company founded by Austin local Jean Anne Booth, aims to move emergency response devices into the modern age with the Unaliwear Kagena Watch. It is designed to automatically detect falls, provide medication reminders, as well as guard against wandering, with a speech interface rather than buttons.

Additionally, unlike most ERDs where a system has to be directly installed into a landline in the customer’s house and has a finite range, the Kagena Watch has no restriction in terms of mobility.” The device is able to help those who are limited in the way that they can move, allowing them to get the help they need in case of an emergency. The report states further that “ The device combines wi-fi and GPS tech so that the watch’s usefulness isn’t confined to just the household.

So far, the Kagena Watch is finding success with its first run of production sold out and a second run on its way, a fact its creator is pleased to share.” The goal of the company has been to help those who are suffering from a lack of ability to move around, have the confidence that they will be able to help themselves in the case of an emergency. The hopes are high that this new technology will continue to provide breakthroughs and life saving innovation for those who can find a benefit from the tech.

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