How Wearable Tech is Helping to Shape the Future of Football

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As we end the latest Super Bowl, many have wondered how safety could be improved for the players involved. A new report has come out showing how wearable technology could help to improve that safety for players for years to come. Every single play of football means a hard hit for those who are playing. This has been the subject of many controversial studies, figuring out how to protect players from crucial head injuries that they could sustain later in life.

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With new technology, we could potentially be able to help coaches make informed decisions regarding the safety of their players. A new wearable has been introduced that is a mouth guard. This has “built-in sensors, including a gyroscope and an accelerometer. The gyroscope tracks where the player’s head is in space, offering precise information about an object’s orientation—similar to the twisting and tilting of a video game controller. The accelerometer, on the other hand, measures a player’s speed and movement through space.” The report further states that “When a player gets hit, these sensors register not only where the player got hit, but how hard the player got hit.

If the hit exceeds a certain threshold, the device sends an alert via Bluetooth to a coach or trainer on the sidelines, who can then pull the player off the field for a medical evaluation.” Kendall Thomas, an athlete and undergraduate researcher at Davidson college stated that “The data we received [are] every single practice and every single game for one team for the entire season” The hopes are high that the advances in this type of preventative technology, will help to ensure the safety for players who repeatedly take these kinds of injuries without knowing the damage they can do.


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