How the Wearable Tech Industry is Changing Rapidly

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The wearable tech market is something that is seeing its popularity increase at quite a rapid pace. The market has gone through some issues, like circumventing the plight of some designs that did not work too well in the first place. Because of this, designs have increased in functionality.

One new startup based in Hyderabad is joining some of the biggest names in biometric tech such as Apple and Xiaomi. The company claims to be making the next big wave in the biometric authentication. In a recent statement, the CEO and founder of HUG Innovations, Raj Neravati stated that “we developed gesture control technology, which is first of its kind in the world. This enables touches communication with smart IOT devices.” This company claims to be creating the technology behind a new smartwatch that would be able to control certain apps and electronics just through touch or other biometric factors.

He further stated that “unlike other wearables that need to be guided using buttons or voice commands, our smartwatch has its own vocabulary of hand gestures to perform various tasks. Our proprietary tech, which comes with Contextual Intelligence, makes it possible for the same hand movements to do different things depending on where the user is or what he/she is doing.”

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The goal is to be able to control certain factors on a phone, and then be able to interact with their environment. The IoT world is growing with a large amount of push from the broader tech market. The ability to be able to turn lights on or off, or other environmental factors is something that many consumers wish to have available to them. As the market increases with this type of technology, it will remain interesting to see where the space takes itself.


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