How Wearable Technology is Helping the Clinical Trial Industry


Recent years have seen the increase in wearable technology for patient monitoring during the course of clinical trials. The technology has the potential to impact the high cost of clinical trials as well as the efficacy of the studies themselves.

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Many companies are beginning to get into the space to help develop these new types of wearables. One of those companies is known as the SMi Group, which recently brought on Alex Sverdlov, Director and Statistical Scientist at Novartis. Sverdlov has stated that the use of digital devices in clinical research can help to make sense of the data collected from digital devices. These types of experiments usually require a large amount of data input to be successful.

Alex is working with his co-chair James Matcham, head of Biometrics at the Early Clinical Development area of AstraZeneca. New trials will begin as soon as April to show how this technology can help this area and so on. The use of biometric sensors across industries is something that has increased exponentially with time. One of the most difficult aspects of conducting research is keeping track of the data and finding new ways to receive inputs. With sensors such as heart rate and more, scientists are more able than ever to conduct these studies in more accurate ways.

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As the success of these devices continues to increase, the amount of companies that develop this technology will increase as well. While competition arises in the market, cheaper technology will come out and ultimately be better for the space as well. The hopes are high that these new developments in the area of wearable technology, will help to change the market on devices involved in the clinical trial for some time to come and as we approach the end of the year.


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