Wearables Are Becoming More Prevalent Than Ever

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Wearables have become one of the quickest growing markets in the world, with many new pieces of tech coming out int he near future, it will be exciting to see what is next. At the latest CES show, many new pieces of tech in the wearable section were unveiled. One of the most popular types of wearables that continues to be met with a large amount of popularity is wrist-worn wearables.

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According to one report “Wrist-worn wearables were a huge hit at the annual consumer electronics trade show four years ago, as tech makers showed off fitness trackers and smartwatches that monitored steps taken, stairs climbed and calories burned. The technology went on to become enormously popular among consumers, with an estimated 310 million wearable devices sold worldwide last year.”

Some wearables however have been moving away from this sector into a completely new idea of what wearables are. Brian Blau, research Vice President for personal technologies at the market research firm Gartner stated that “we’re seeing lots of not obvious usage scenarios, but once you start to really think about it, it makes perfect sense.” One of the newest wearables in the industry has been the L’Oreal UV Sense, a wearable electronic UV sensor that will help users be able to tell how much sun they are getting. This is expected to help across a wide array of consumers.

The small, battery free system will be a breakthrough if it is able to be applied properly to the right markets. The hopes are high that this new industry can continue to provide consumers with easier ways of going about their daily lives, as new technology is created and introduced into the groundbreaking space that is wearable technology. The next year will be exciting for this industry.


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