How Wearables Can Keep You Calm

wearable technology

A new series of wearables has been made to help calm down an individual using the power of vibration. These devices known as touchpoint, have claimed to help many individuals battling with anxiety and stress related issues. According to the company “The company was co-founded by neuropsychologist Dr. Amy Serin as part of her effort to help people who suffer from PTSD.

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During the course of her research, she discovered that wearing a pair of tiny pulsing gadgets can also help gifted children or stressed-out adults. In fact, she told me that the product is most popular among women ages 35 to 55, who are typically dealing with the stresses of managing family life and making sure the kids get from A to B with everything they need. Touchpoints can also help with things like night terrors or other sleep-related issues.” The devices are small at around the size of a watch face. There is a button for turning them on and off and they can work with an app via bluetooth on your smartphone.

The app allows the user to control how the vibrations work and all of the setting are customizable as well. Many consumers have come back stating how much these devices have worked to help change their lives. With such quick advances in technology, wearables are continuing to change how we go about our day to day life. As this technology is created to be more innovative and more of a breakthrough, the hopes are high that the market on wearables will become one of the most prolific markets of the modern day. The one issue with these devices that continues to keep people from getting into the space is the price. As the tech becomes better, hopefully prices will fall.


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