How Wearables Are Changing In 2018

atari technology stocks

Atari is one of the big names if you’ve ever played a video game. The company has been around for quite some time now, and has not been in the media for a similar amount of time. The company recently released a wearable towards the end of that year that could have a decent impact on the world of wearables. The company released the Atari Speakerhat, which just as the name suggests, is a hat with speakers in it. The speaker hat was not able to take off due to several of the same problems that many products in the space run into when going for a mainstream takeoff.

The device was not able to takeoff due to its limited amount of utility and a decently high price. The device does do something bigger for the entirety of the wearable industry. The device shows that there is a level of creativity and playfulness that is coming into the space. This type of creativity could effectively help to shape and reshape the market as we know it. The device originally looked similar to a snapback hat, that had speakers built into it. The device was not too stylish when it first came out, which could also be a contributing factor to why the device did not see a massive amount of success.

Given that the wearable market has been quite topsy-turvy for some time now, it is no wonder that a device like this did not take off. This type of device will likely help to open up the space to companies that never before have created a wearable device. The hopes are high that the large amount of creativity can begin to flow throughout the rest of the wearable market, helping to ensure that it is around for a while.


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