How Wearables Are Changing the Lives of Diabetics

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A new wearable has come out of the partnership between Dexcom and UnitedHealthcare, as a pilot to see if a continuous monitoring system could effectively help patients who have Type 2 diabetes. The company based out of San Diego, Dexcom has teamed up with the insurance giant known as UnitedHealtcare to help test whether or not this type of device could actually help these patients have an easier time managing their diseases at a lower cost.

The device was announced earlier in the year at the Consumer Electronics Show or CES, with the pilot showing how 27 million Americans could potentially benefit from this device. In today’s world, around 1.5 million Americans use wearable glucose monitors who have been diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. The sensor form Dexcom is worn on the abdomen, where the glucose levels in the blood can then be read on the smartphone app. A transmitter in the actual device sends data to the app on the phone, which displays the readings every five minutes.

This is the first time that this type of real-time data has been so accessible for patients with diabetes. Dr. Rhonda Randall, chief medical officer for UnitedHealthcare stated that “This allows us to partner the device with a very important coaching program to help individuals interpret the data, make that association with their behavior and help them change.When you see your blood sugar went too high, did you have a meal that was high in sugar or carbohydrates right before that?

When you see your blood sugar went too low, was it related to the time you took your medication?” The hopes are high that this new type of technology can effectively help individuals who are diagnosed with this disease, live an easier and more carefree life.

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