Wearables Are Getting Even Smaller

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The wearable industry has been growing at a massive rate, but the items themselves have been doing the opposite. At the latest tech convention, CES or consumer electronics show, many new types of wearable devices were introduced into the market. One of the most popular types of wearables, and highly on display at the show continues to be wearables worn on the wrist. As tech makers showed off different types of these wearables such as fitness trackers, and other types of smartwatches, the technology has gone on to be the most popular amongst the consumer market. There is currently an estimated 310 million wearables that have been sold throughout the world in the past year.

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The wearables that are being created now are continuing to shrink and get smaller. Brian Blau, vice president for personal technologies at market research firm Gartner stated that “we’re seeing lots of not obvious usage scenarios, but once you start to really think about it, it makes perfect sense.” According to a report on the show, “One of the products generating the most buzz at this year’s show is L’Oreal’s UV Sense, a wearable electronic UV sensor affixed to a user’s thumbnail. The small, battery-free dot — nine millimetres in diameter and less than two millimetres thick — measures individual UV exposure and is designed to be worn for up to two weeks.

The beauty giant said it was tapping into the increasing popularity of nail art as well as consumers’ concerns over the harmful effects of sun exposure. Calling the combination “beauty tech,” Guive Balooch, head of L’Oreal’s Technology Incubator, said the company wanted its wearables to be simple and “livable.” These new wearables are helping to take the tech space to a place that it never would’ve gotten too without the high amount of innovation and research being conducted.


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