How Wearables Could Help Make Medical Procedures Safer for Kids

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A physicist named Ana Claudia Arias has been working on a way to print medical devices. This new industry on printable electronics is something that could help change the biometric medical industry forever. Arias is an expert currently working at the University of California, Berkeley. The focus she has been working on is creating a new market of medical devices that can be printed into wearables.

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Arias stated that “our dream is to have electronics in things like plastic mesh.” Arias doesn’t wear any wearable tech, but she has a good reason. She stated that these devices are aesthetically unappealing as well as being uncomfortable and annoying. Another reason is the fact that they have to be charged every night.

The lab that is currently working on this idea of printing, is hoping to use liquid silver nanoparticles to create carbon nanotubes and semiconducting plastics that would effectively be able to replace the current medical wearable market to something that is comfortable and barely noticeable.

These devices would be highly functional as well as incredibly thin and flexible. The device looks similar to a Band-Aid, and it reads the users blood oxygen levels to show how the body could be tracked for certain metrics. Tests that have been run with the device shows it functions more accurately than some of the best sensors that are out right now, and even in hospitals.

The scientist has attempted to solve the issue with charging by working on a flexible way to store energy. One that could hopefully be charged with solar power, or any type of light for that matter. If the device ends up working as well as hoped, it will likely change several aspects of the health and medical industry as we know it.


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