How Wearables Are Working for Horticulture

samsung wearable device

One of the trickiest aspects of planting is knowing exactly what the plant needs to thrive. This can be anything from water to sunlight, and more. The newest wearable tech to come out appears to be a tattoo that goes right onto a plant. This sensor has the ability to provide farmers with real-time information detailing important aspects of the plants life. The tattoo is applied like a sticker, with a small amount of adhesive.

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The new sensor employs graphene as one of the promising new types of sensors, to ensure accurate and durable results on the plant. The technology is able to help in a series of methods. First of all, the sensor allows farmers to understand crop management at anytime and from anywhere. Besides this, the farmers can also understand how to take the genetic traits from one plant that are beneficial, and use them in the next round of crops. According to a report on the new technology “The graphene within the sensor exhibits different levels of conductivity depending on the humidity. The conductivity of the sensor can be measured by running an electrical current across it. The changes of conductivity serve as a moisture gauge.”

According to Patrick Schnable, an Iowa State University Plant Sciences Institute professor, “It acts like a mercury thermometer. As the temperature goes up the mercury expands and goes up according to the corresponding temperature scale. The plant tattoo sensor reads water loss in a similar manner.” The new technology is able to tell external humidity levels which can be used “for field applications.” The hopes are high that this new promising technology will help to usher in the next wave of wearable tech whether that be for a person, or a plant as we enter the new year.


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