What New Wearables Are Coming Out?

wearable devices

A new report has come out detailing some of the newest technologies in the wearable technology space. These new devices were recently put on display in Tokyo at a wearable expo appropriately titled the 4th Wearable Expo. On display was a new pair of goggles working with the premise of augmented reality. This new wearable can work on factory floors, helping employees to have an on the spot way to know how certain things are put together.

This means that the employees would have their hands free to work on the project, speeding time up dramatically in the process. A new wearable has been put out with a textile manufacturer, making shirts that have sensors to help gauge the wearer’s heart-rate along with several other biometric factors that would otherwise go untracked. The company has stated that they will begin testing out preliminary models this summer, to ensure that the product that is put out is one that works to its ultimate potential. The market on wearable tech is something that has been helping to fuel the technology industry in recent times.

With a large period of stagnation between the early says of wearables, people have been waiting to see these devices make a large comeback. The market is still relatively new but this leaves a large amount of room for these companies to come back into popularity. The wearable space has been increasing in terms of availability. This has been a major issue since its inception. One of the biggest barriers to entry remains the price of these devices. As new devices come out into the space, the price of them is continuing to drop down. If the price can become more accessible, the likelihood of the market increasing in popularity becomes higher.


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