What’s AirBnB Up To Now?


AirBnB goes on a trip to acquisition country.  The tech company known for being “the uber” of hotels has purchased Barcelona-based travel startup Trip4Real.  The company offers a marketplace related directly to enhancing travel experiences for tourists.  They can browse and book in advance of their trip and get that “local flair” that many tourists end up missing because they choose to site see instead.  Cooking classes, food tastings, hands on tours and many more of the related are just a few things that can be accessed through the platform.

The obvious relationship between travel and travel experiences makes sense and the on-demand sharing economy has created the perfect platform to demonstrate this, first-hand. What’s more is that AirBnB has begun to grow its travel services.  Last month the company began testing its “City Hosts” guided experiences program. Trip4Real’s platform seems to fit right into the current culture that AirBnB has begun to create.  But this isn’t the only experience app that is on the market today either and the space is quickly becoming more and more saturated.

Other startups in the space that will put pressure to AirBnB’s current move through their acquisition of Trip4Real include: GetYourGuide, Vayable, Peek, LovliLocals, and GuideMeRight. In 2014 TripAdvisor acquired Viator as well, so this is not necessarily something brand new either.  In a statement made to an online tech magazine, Contacts at AirBnB stated, “We are delighted to welcome Trip4Real to the Airbnb family. [Founder] Gloria Molins and her team share our vision of a different kind of travel experience that is local and authentic. Their experience and expertise is a great complement to our ongoing efforts to transform the way that people travel.”

Trip4Real has been around since 2012 and initially raised $3.1million in four separate rounds of investment. The price of the acquisition has not been disclosed but rumors are suggesting that it wasn’t a large amount…the jury is out so we’ll see what else materializes in the coming days and weeks.


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