What’s the Future of Wearable Tech?

wearable technology future

Many inventors have stated that the future of technology will all be within a fingers reach, and that wearable tech has an opportunity to completely change the way that we interact with our day to day lives and our technology. A new piece of wearable tech has come out that uses an RFID or radio frequency ID, that is implanted in the users body, usually in the hand.

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This means that individuals who have the device can unlock doors, send texts, log into computers and make payments without ever unlocking a device. The device is not widely available yet and has only been limited to a few select individuals who decided that they would like to be involved in the project. CEO of the company, Todd Westby stated that “we first presented the concept of being chipped to the employees thinking we might get a few people interested. Literally out of the box, we had 40 people out of close to 90 that were here that said, within 10 minutes, ‘I would like to be chipped’.”

The tech allows individuals to do a myriad of tasks without ever having to pick up a smartphone or deal with another tech device. Well this may seem like a large step in the right direction for wearable tech, it will undoubtedly be a good amount of time before any of these devices are made for consumer use on the market. With more and more inventions being created every day, and the publics increased interest in these devices, the hopes are high that the wearable industry will continue to grow with the massive amount of potential it has. As the future comes, we will likely see more devices that emulate this ease of use, without intruding on our daily activities.


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