What’s Going on in the Wearable Industry?

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Many new ways have come out promising an easier time at monitoring different aspects about our health, but this new year comes with many new possibilities for the wearable industry. According to the company Wareable, swear tracking could potentially become quite large in this coming year. Using optical sensor technology, new tech has come out detailing how we could potentially utilize this new innovation.

Wearable stated that “But what if there was another metric we could use to check in on our health? Well, there very well could be. Say hello to sweat-based wearables, which are being worked on in labs and future-focused technology firms all over the world right now. Sweat is essentially a secretion from a bunch of glands in your skin. There is something literally coming from the insides of your body onto the outside. “ The website further stated that “In fact, according to Eccrine Systems, a company that specialises in deriving data from sweat, the biomarkers you can check on in your sweat can be “directly correlated” with biomarkers from blood, long considered the gold standard for medical testing.

So not only would sweat be a non-invasive way to check on your body’s health, it would likely be a high accurate way too, in the realm of blood in some areas – which is far more appealing than something like heart rate, which has a comparatively limited scope.” New technology is coming out at a quite alarming pace, with innovation being cemented throughout this new year. The hopes are high that we can continue with this massive amount of research that is being done, to help create better tech in the coming future for those who need it most. As the next year comes on, wearables are likely to increase in popularity.


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