What’s Going on in the Wearable Medical Industry?

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A new report has come out detailing what is going on in the wearable technology industry and how it will grow in the coming years. The report shows a variety of strategic analysis on how the growth of the market will effect the technology that is being produced. One analyst in the report stated that “the demand for wearable medical devices have increased from major end uses such as hospitals and sports centers across the globe due to the real-time monitoring and tracking facilities provided by these devices.

Also, the demand for such devices is expected to grow in the US owing to the high prevalence of chronic diseases such as diabetes and hypertension and high adoption of technology in sports and fitness.” Some of the devices that the report anticipates coming out in the near future in clue next-generation PER systems, miniature sensors, and new innovations in the ergonomic design and function of these devices. According to the report “Next-gen PER systems are technologically upgraded to detect neurological disorders, epileptic seizures, the onset of patient falls, and other health conditions.

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Moreover, they are programmed to automatically set off an alarm to notify the physician and caregivers upon detection. Such PER systems are managed using cloud platform enabled with monitoring sensors.They help in monitoring geriatric and chronically ill patients who are at high risk of injuries due to bed falls. Also, it assists in locating patients with neurological diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.” Given that this market is so new in relation to the rest of the tech world, only time will tell how this new technology is able to be used by the wider public and what uses will come of it. The hopes are high that the market will continue to grow at the high pace that it currently is.


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