What’s Going on in the Wearable Sector

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A new report has come out detailing where the future of the wearable industry could potentially go in the coming years. The intelligence advisory firm, SpendEdge, released the “Wearable Medical Devices Procurement Research Report” recently, helping individuals to get a better grasp at where the future of the market could go. The report states that “The demand for wearable medical devices have increased from major end-users such as hospitals and sports centers across the globe due to the real-time monitoring and tracking facilities provided by these devices.

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Also, the demand for such devices is expected to grow in the US owing to the high prevalence of chronic diseases such as diabetes and hypertension and high adoption of technology in sports and fitness” It has become increasingly clear that the applications for wearable tech continue to exceed expectations. Scientists continue to find new ways that these devices can help across a wide array of markets. The report states that new types of miniature sensors are being created to “detect movement and speed by reading the physical motion of the in-built micro-electrical mechanical systems.

Such miniature sensors are now increasingly replacing older gyroscopes in wearable medical devices. Moreover, miniature sensors are much smaller and consume less energy when compared with bigger gyroscopes. Also, they are less expensive when compared with other sensors and help in bringing down the cost of wearables.” The market on wearable tech continues to increase not only in terms of the technology, but the amount of innovation in the space. The hopes are high that the next few years will begin to bring us newer and better technology that will ease the lives of those who need it the most. Only time will tell how well this technology is able to be utilized.


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