What’s Going on With the Wearable Tech Market

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A study was conducted recently on the viability of a monitoring system that would likely reduce the amount of injuries in individuals who are subject to pressure injuries. The system known as the Leaf Patient Monitoring System allowed patients to have a near 75% drop in the amount of ulcers and pressure industries they sustained.

The device works with the goal of notifying nurses of the optimal time to reposition patients who are at risk for these types of industry. This is a new market that is dependent on the idea of remote care. This is where a patient could live and be at home while still receiving the treatment and advice they need to stay healthy. Another device known as the Care delivery system, works by producing software to allow healthcare agencies to train their staff remotely.

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This is a big step for the healthcare market as this usually requires a large amount of travel and planning to achieve. Another report done recently shows the efficacy of the ability to print medical devices. This is a market that is wildly revolutionary and is something that could have a large impact on the medical industry as we know it.

The inventor of the device, Ana Claudia Arias is working with printers and high-tech inks to make a new generation of these devices. Arias stated that these devices would likely allow the patient to “forget they are wearing it.” The market on wearable biometric technology is something that is increasing exponentially as time goes on.

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With breakthroughs in this industry happening everyday, it is only a matter of time before the market is fully changed by this new and groundbreaking technology. With the goal of easing patients minds and lives, technology will continue to provide breakthroughs for the market.


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