What’s Going on With Wearables This Month?

wearable devices 2018

The industry on wearable tech has been surprisingly lucrative this year as new technology is continuing to come out into the space. After the latest Consumer Electronics Show or CES, many new tech devices have been released into the space, offering consumers a new way to interact with figures and information about their bodies. One of the newest futures for an already popular wearable, is with the Apple Watch.

The new version has been able to help monitor different factors of health in the body to a degree where it can tell if something abnormal is occurring within the body. A new feature allows individuals to see the heart rates of different sports figures on TV and so on. This allows consumers to interact as fans in a different way than ever before. A new app has come to the Fitbit platform offering a digital personal trainer. The app is known as Fitbit Coach, which personalizes different workouts dependent on the individual goals set by the consumer.

A new device has come out of Tag Heuer, offering up a wearable for those with only the deepest of pockets. The wearable is around $200,000, and yes you did read that correctly. The company states that “it’s the “most expensive” connected smartwatch in the world, and as far as we can tell it’s right. It’s significantly more expensive than the “regular” Modular 45 and 41, which top out at $6,750 if you want the diamond bezel. A bezel that looks like an impoverished ring of inadequacy next to the Full Diamond version. The lavish watch has the same 45mm case size as the “regular” Tag Connected Modular 45, with 18K polished white gold and 23.35 carats of baguette diamonds. However the guts remain the same, so you’ll get NFC, GPS and everything else that came in the now-budget variant.” With these types of wearables, it will be exciting to see what comes out in the near future.


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