What’s Going on With Wearables Right Now

wearable tech

Several big things have been going on in the wearable market recently, showing the high amount of devotion to the creation of technology and innovation that has infected the market. Two new updates have come out for the Apple Watch, helping developers to get more into the platform. Another wearable that has come out is a new contact lens that could effectively help individuals with diabetes live an easier life.

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Apple’s release of two new beta updates has shown their repeated devotion to creating the best platforms for developers to make new apps for their devices. There are two new updates to the Apple Watch which could ultimately provide an easier time for those who have the device. Apple stated that “The first thing that jumps out is the way the Music app has changed. Before watchOS 4, you could control music on your iPhone from the Apple Watch. But watchOS 4 removed the ability to remotely control music playing on your iPhone from your Apple Watch, instead going for music playable from the Watch.

Now, along with the Library of music you can play, the words On iPhone have appeared in the Music app. This means that you’ll be able to use AirPlay to connect your iPhone to AirPlay speakers, all controlled from your Watch.” A new contact lens has come out helping to monitor blood sugar for those with diabetes. The company stated that “Blood sugar monitoring isn’t easy – rumors that the Apple Watch would measure it without the need for pricking the skin have so far proved false – but Wareable reports on an intriguing development which uses smart contact lenses instead.” The hopes are high that these new devices can continue to change how we go about our daily lives for the near future.


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