What’s the Next Big Thing in Biometrics?

biometric technology stocks 2018

Most people would not consider modern wearable tech to be big or bulky, but one company is potentially shaping that idea. A new company is planning to integrate wearable tech right into the users clothing. This new technology would be able to harness energy from every day movement to power the device.

Wearable tech integrated clothing is not something that is new by any means. Ralph Lauren, Google, and Levis have all worked on these types of projects in the past, and it doesn’t look like it will be slowing down any time soon.

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A jacket manufactured by Levis uses thread that is woven right into the jacket to be able to convert it into a smart device. The jacket known as the Commuter Trucker Jacket has a clever cuff built into it that can be tethered to a smart device, where it can then act as a sort of remote.

James Hayward of Cambridge’s IDTechEx stated recently that “Smart fabrics will need to meet performance requirements – it’s very important that they can be washed under the conventional conditions in a normal laundry cycle so able to deal with temperature, with surfactants, and with things like ironing and so on – this requires very durable electronics. You can’t imagine throwing your smartphone into a washer or tumble dryer and then expecting it to come out working. However, that’s what we will expect from smart fabrics in the future, and that’s a significant challenge.”

The hopes are high that this new form of wearable technology can help to shape and reshape the industry on tech. With new devices being created and manufactured every day, the industry built on wearable technology is something that is growing at an incredible amount, and doesn’t look to be slowing down any time soon.

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