Will the Apple Watch Impact the Healthcare Industry?

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From monitoring different health conditions, to helping remind people of when to take certain medicines, wearable tech has helped to change the industry on healthcare. Doctors and other healthcare professionals have begun to use this new technology to help patients with different ailments ease their diseases. Market research done recently has shown that this industry could potentially be worth over $117 billion by the end of 2020.

With new technology, the Internet of Things world could help to shape and reshape the healthcare industry. A new system developed known as OpenAPS, is helping to serve as a closed loop insulin delivery system for those with diabetes. The ailment associated with diabetes means that patients need to be constantly monitoring different metrics such as glucose levels and more. According to the report “Cancer patients too are making use of mobile health care devices and tracking.

Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center is working with cloud-based technology company Medidata to develop activity trackers that gathers data on cancer patients, logging their day-to-day actions in hopes doctors will find it easier to treat and potentially one day diagnose cancer.” Those who have these diseases need to constantly be monitoring their conditions which is where these advanced wearable devices come in to play.

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The report further stated that the “people Watch is swiftly turning into a health device with a new band that nabbed approval from the Food and Drug Administration to read the heart’s electrical activity. Apple reportedly is also working on embedding its smartwatch with an EKG reader of its own. And researchers have also turned to the Apple Watch to use the device to monitor and collect information on those with Major Depressive Disorder.” The hopes are high that this new use of this device can help those who need the help with different diseases.


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