Will the Newest Wearable Tech Item Turn Anything Into a Device?

tap wearable technology

A new device known as Tap looks similar to brass knuckles, but is made out of a string like material. The device allows the user to essentially use any surface as a tech surface. The only thing that the user needs is a bluetooth enabled device, which most people have anyway.

The system works by integrating one loop per finger, where the thumb holder has a haptic motor and several biometric sensors within it. The fingers represent a vowel with combinations being the rest of the letters in the alphabet. This may sound complicated at first, but it is an extremely intuitive system that only takes a little bit of getting used to.

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The hand also functions as a mouse for the system, and with the use of those two sensors, it can function as a sort of mini-computer. The system also contains several biometric sensors for the identification and authentication of the user. Biometrics have become the standard in security with many companies looking to use them in their new devices.

Biometric sensors such as retina recognition, fingerprint recognition, facial recognition and so on can be used in a myriad of ways. With the release of this new device, there are even more possibilities to mix the two technologies to create even better tech devices for users. The end goal is always about making usability the best, and with the combination of technological advances placed in the device, this seems more and more possible.

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This new technology is still in the prototype phases but those who run the company hope for it to be mainstreamed within the coming months to years. The hopes are high that this new piece of tech can help to proliferate the market on wearable tech for time to come.


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