How Will Tech Affect Fitness in 2018?


One of the newest trends in the exercise world has become fitness trackers and the apps they come with. This new technology has provided us with a greater insight into our working our and what we can do to change our body and live a healthier lifestyle altogether. A new survey has shown that using this new technology can help to change how we live our lives and help us to maintain a proper exercise routine.

The survey shows that “Among the top findings: Many of us prefer quick fitness routines, perhaps because we’re busier than ever. For the second year in a row, the survey’s results show high-intensity interval training tops the list of fitness trends,” according to Walter R. Thompson, a research physiologist at Georgia State University and president of the ACSM. These high intensity routines can be tracked extremely well on different devices as they can often become lost in how quickly they go. The workouts usually consist of high energy exercises such as sprinting followed by a short recovery period. This can sometimes become confusing, but that is where the tech trackers come in.

Several new tech devices like the Apple Watch can help to keep track of these different devices. The doctor continued to state that “it works. The quick, high-intensity routines are designed to stress the body in all the areas affected by exercise, from the heart to the muscle to the metabolic system, and all are pushed to the limit.” This new technology is helping to pave the way for new workout routines and fitness tracking. With new technology being created every day, the industry on wearable tech only seems like it will continue to increase. The hopes are high that this market will continue to help those who need it.

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