Will Wearables be Able to Boost Safety?

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A company known as Kinetic has set out with the goal to help integrate many safety features into the existing wearable market in technology. Haytham Elhawary, a player in the market stated that “in Central Park, your average runner is covered in sensors. These runners know their heart rate, they know how many miles they’ve run, they know the temperature and their oxygenation levels.

They even know if they are doing better than their friends or whether they’ve gotten a personal record for the day.” With these new smartwatches, individuals have been able to track their personal fitness better than ever. With this, comes a new level of being able to track security purposes. The new amount of digital intelligence is something that we as a people have never been able to experience. Such a new market comes with a wide array of responsibility that many inventors are just now taking to the streets. According to Elhawary, “Big data, analytics, KPIs, performance metrics—these are all the lifeblood of manufacturing and industrial productivity.

But now with these cheap sensors—also part of the manufacturing world—they are being used to help joggers log better data than even some of the most sophisticated plants. On the individual data level, compared to these athletes, manufacturers are still totally in the dark.” Manufacturers need to be able to get in touch with those who are using their products so they can have a better glimpse as to how they can change them in the future.

The hopes are that these new products can help to usher in the future of wearables, adding safety and ease of use to them at every chance. With new tech, the world of wearables will be able to grow at a quick pace.

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