Will Wearables Become the Future of Augmented Reality

Artificial Intelligence

The recent launches of ARKit and ARCore have signaled that augmented reality is here to stay. Many large tech companies have been eyeing the technology, and many start-ups have been keeping up with the demand for new tech.

The use of augmented reality has become not normal yet, but more widely adopted than ever before. People are still becoming used to the idea of it, and developers are still finding ways to integrate it into daily life.

With the use of augmented reality devices either as wearable or non-wearable, the industry based on it is growing at a rate never seen before. Many are pondering the question, can it become a functional, daily tool for consumers? Or will augmented reality become a fun idea that stays in the past?

The industry of augmented reality with undoubtedly die out if it only lives on handheld devices. This is where the world of wearables comes in. With the use of wearable tech and augmented reality in combination with each other, the possibilities are endless. There are a few devices on the market that incorporate this, but none are at their full potential given that the market is so incredibly new along with the technology itself.

Looking at the short term, many start-ups need to come up with ways to integrate the technology into the daily lives so that it has a function and a need just like any other device.

This will become a key ingredient in whether or not the technology becomes widespread. If designers and developers can successfully integrate the technology into our current needs, it will become widely successful, and if not, it will become a gimmick that only lasted for a short period of time. The way things are going, augmented reality looks like it is here to stay for the long run.

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